Music on a Distant Shore


Music on a Distant Shore  is a funny, poignant and heart-warming look at how people connect. The play centres on Elaine, whose husband Malcolm took his own life, and her teenage son, Kevin. The play also features Alma, a medium with a distinctively dubious past, and Elaine’s boss, Arthur.  It was performed on the Isle of Wight at the Apollo Theatre, Newport; the Depozitory, Ryde; Chale Church; and at the Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth, by Original Theatre (now The Origins Theatre Company) in June 2014.

Cast: Lorna Wilson (Elaine); Amber Bourne (Alma); Moses Gale (Kevin); and Kevin Wilson (Arthur).  Directed by Kevin Wilson.  Music provided by the Isle of Wight Scottish Fiddlers.


Funny and poignant … witty … compelling viewing with genuinely funny moments … an intriguing storyline, which, although light-hearted, had a darker underbelly—Isle of Wight Press


a funny, poignant and heart-warming look at how people connect—Sardines



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