Lions of England


Will Foster and his girlfriend Sandra Simms wait in a TV green room. Will is to receive the ‘Lion of England’ award for bravery for rescuing Sandra and her pupils from a school fire. He is also going to propose to her on live TV immediately after the Prime Minister gives him the award. And fame-obsessed Sandra is going to accept the hand of the man who saved her life.

In the frenetic panic of a live TV broadcast, Will is a beacon of calm, zen-like in the face of the hyperactivity around him. But as he practices his scene with researcher, Eve, it becomes clear that Will harbours some secret, which makes Eve nervous about both his going out on stage, and her future.

Published by Stagescripts Ltd (

Lions of England was first performed at the Arundel Festival in August 2013 by the Drip Action Theatre Company and has since clocked up more than 20 performances as far afield as Bedford, Newtown in Wales, Lucerne in Switzerland and Antwerp in Belgium.






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