Murdering the Truth


MURDERING THE TRUTH is a comedy thriller about murder in a newsroom. Jack Donnelly, News Editor, terrorises his staff until his personal deadline falls when he is spiked.

But whodunnit?  A cast of 25 means plenty of suspects, clues aplenty, and red herrings as far as the eye can see.


Character Actor   Character Actor
Jack Donnelly Greg Jackson Alex Holmes Geordie Draycott
Pippa Oxenholme Charissa Shearer Billington-Smythe Mike Weaver
Dan Forecast Damian Molyneux Stan Price John Zuhlke
Paxman Sarah Phillis Sharon Jenkins Al Thorne
Dimbleby Eoin Kelly Miss Parmel Sue Small
Mrs Dobbs Julie Andrews Ernest March Neil Draycott
Major Woodhouse Neil Draycott PC Jones Eoin Kelly
Mrs Woodhouse Louise Cantrill PC Codrington Julie Andrews
Lydia Cirallo Katarina Rayburn Inspector Watson Beric Wickens
Andrew Holmes Mike Weaver Mirabelle Dubois Sarah Phillis

Crew List

Producer; Neil Draycott

Director: David Weir

Assistant Director: Rachael Jolley

Set Design: Stephen Nicholas

Stage Manager: Jyoti Chandola

Deputy Stage Manager: Warren Amis

ASM (Props): Francine Morgan

Lights: Warren Amis

Sound; Simeon Dawes

Set Painters: Rosie Clayton, Francine Morgan

Costume:Tamsin Berry

Photographer: Liam Myron

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