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Kevin’s a teenager who wants nothing more than a drift through life and the undying love of The One And Only Girl In All The World. But while Kevin sleeps and dreams, The Man in Black has other plans for his future.

Three actors: nine roles. A fast-moving coming-of-age comedy of priests and teachers, mums and dads, school discos and hormones, and that first swig of beer, and how hard it is to be good when there’s girls, oh yes, when there’s girls.


Confessional featured in the Oran Mor’s Play, Pie and Pint spring season in 2017 starring Jonathan Watson (Only An Excuse), Sally Reid (Scotsquad) and Cameron Fulton (Neds), and directed by Ryan Alexander Dewar.

It also won the SCDA’s prize for Best Depiction of Scottish Life and Character at the 87th annual One-Act Play Festival in East Kilbride in April 2018, when it was performed by Stromness Drama Club.


David Weir’s Confessional is a Play, Pie and Pint show par excellence. … The story is told with a truly pleasing deftness … Weir’s combination of witty dramatic structure and excellent one-liners offers a fine piece of lunchtime entertainment, short, brisk, kindly, funny and humane—Joyce McMillan, Scotsman (

this rollicking peek into a sixteen-year old’s growing pains […] ticks a lot of boxes with the Play, Pie and Pint audience, delivering the kind of joshing banter that nudges them in the ribs and trades on the affectionate familiarity we have with the highs and woes of adolescence.—Mary Brennan, The Herald (****)(

a delightful essay on growing up, and finding yourself.—Paul F. Cockburn, Broadway Baby (****) (



Jonathan Watson, Cameron Fulton and Sally Reid in Confessional at Oran Mor, Glasgow, May 2017

Ryan Alexander Dewar, David Weir, Sally Reid, Jonathan Watson and Cameron Fulton


Lorraine Giles, Tyler Lewington and Bob Ross in Confessional at East Kilbride, April 2018


Director Graham Garson (right) collects the Glen McKimmie prize for Best Depiction of Scottish Life and Character at the 87th SCDA One-Act Play Festival, April 2018.


Claire Mitchell and Bill Brennan in Confessional for Drip Action Theatre Company, Arundel Festival, 2013.


Bill Brennan and Paul Jones in Confessional for Drip Action Theatre Company, Arundel Festival 2013.

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